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Here is the 5 steps guide of the workflow

1. Recruiting students
Here you need to look for students who need private tuition. Active action need to be taken such as pamphlets and advertising. We will train and guide you for this step.

2. Student Respond
This is almost definite. Material and template will be provided of what is necessary to take into consideration such as levels, fees, etc.

3. Access to our tutor database
With the necessary information, access to our user-friendly system to search for matching tutors.

4. Tie up the knot
With matched information, just liaise between the tutors and parent again and set the agreement. Invoices template will be provided.

5. Get Commission
Collect of 50% of the first month fee of the tutor from the parent. On top of it we will give you a basic pay every month depending on the coordinator's performance.*

Above is just one successful assignment matching. Imagine getting 20 assignments a month, how much will you profit with the amount of time you spend?

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